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     In the year of 1996, Tim Zuleger, originally from Milwaukee; was first introduced into the apartment rental business by moving into the apartment complex like every other tenant before him with the exception that he met with the owner's brother John Bennett to discuss moving in and maybe having even the opportunity to become the maintenance man who lives on-site for room & board or partial rent reduction. After some serious discussion and weeks later he became the  part-time on-site maintenance man. 

     After a few months, Tim was aware that their was no full-time  on-site manager and decided to ask the owner Todd Bennett for the position and agreed to allow him to show that he was capable of running such a medium sized apartment complex with very little rental and leasing experience. Over the next 10 years, Tim has become an incredible manager who has successfully completed Landlord training several times over the course of a decade with many experiences-with both positive and negative outcomes, however; in the end it made him a better and stronger property manager.

     During this time he has picked up a few new team members who bring their talents and experience to the apartment rental industry. 

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